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28.10.14 Aloha Dogs in FIN

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Aloha Dogs Meeting in Finland

We had a great Aloha Dogs meeting in Finland, close to Turku, with all my Dogs in Finland. And also Monica Ehn with Sladgan came from Sweden. OK, the weather could have been better, but we spent a nice day together with a lot of fun and good talks about Ruwhaars, how to train them, how they are  and lots more. Thanks to Birgitta, to arrange this at this lovely place.

And then we meet also Alma’s pups (Aloha kãkou Nalani Alma). She had her first litter, and me and Monica, the owner of the parents of Alma (Sladgan and Bofin), were very proud to see this little, very promising pups.

Aloha Dogs P1090768Here you can find all the pics from this meeting:

Pups FIN P1090848And here portraits of the pups, one for one:


14.10.13 Happy Birthday Zwerge

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Happy Birthday M’s und Q’s

Die Zeit vergeht im Fluge und schon sind die M’s 3 Jahre alt und die Q’s 1 Jahr. Alles Gute für Malia, Meli, Miki, Quaterback, Quichsilver, Quince und Quira.

M-Wurf Scan20003 M-Wurf Scan20004 Q-Wurf Scan20001 Q-WurScan20002


13.10.13 Fotosession auf dem Passwang

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Fotosession auf dem Passwang

Bei einem Ausflug auf dem Passwang gab es natürlich auch eine Fotosession. Mit dabei war Dani. Und 6 Hunde fotogerecht zu plazieren ist natürlich nicht ganz einfach!

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